Celebrating 20+ Years!


    An egalitarian traditional congregation affiliated with the Conservative Movement

​​Thank you for your interest in our community.  
Listed below are the various membership levels we offer

to meet the needs of your family, including free membership for under 30's and reduced fees for first year members. Click here for our MEMBERSHIP FORM​

FAMILY $1200  ​A couple with or without children, or an individual with children.


PATRON $2,000 For those who would like to support Kol HaNeshamah at a higher level.

​ASSOCIATE $500  Former members who have moved away and want to continue their connection to KH, or for those who are full members at another synagogue.

Please contact our synagogue co-presidents at membership@khnj.org or 201-816-1611 with any questions regarding membership, activities or committees.

  “do not separate yourself from the Community"

                                                                                  - Pirkei Avot 2:5 


It is our policy to work with individuals and families in cases of financial need.  Please contact our synagogue co-presidents

with any questions regarding membership fees at membership@khnj.org or 201-816-1611.